From Stephen Parsick
Sent Tue, Aug 18th 1998, 11:43

Hi revfever,

LIGHTWAVE have a simply stunning collection of analog goodies at=20
home (may I tell others, Christian ?), for more information check=20
their 1987 cassette-only release "Modular Experiment"... they=20
have/had (for instance) :
15 Modules RSF KOBOL Expander 1 and 2, RSF Kobol Keyboard, 49 Modules=20
RSF Modulair (whatever that is), Korg PS-3300, Oberheim Four Voice=20
and Matrix 12, Roland System 100 and 700 (deux consoles principales=20
avec sequenceur analogique), RSF Polykobol 2, ARP 2600 (x3), EMS VCS-3,=20
MDB Polysequencer, ARP Sequencer, Roland MC-4 (here we go again),=20
Polymoog, Roland MC-202, Korg Wavestation and M-1 (sacrilege !),=20
Roland SVC-350, plus lots more. But at that time (1987) LIGHTWAVE=20
was still a trio, Serge Leroy quit LIGHTWAVE in 1988 and=20
Christophe Harbonnier and Christian Wittman-Jacob continued as a=20
duo, collaborating with artists like Hector Zazou or Paul=20
Haslinger (I am working on a long LIGHTWAVE article for a German=20
music mag at the moment...).

I have seen them perform live two years ago when they played at=20
Oberhausen Gasometer in Germany (a 350,000 m3 gas tank) during an=20
exhibition of modern art. Probably the most stunning concert I have=20
ever seen. They had some 19" racks on stage plus rather standard=20
stuff like Wavestation and DX-7 (1) plus a Polykobol 2 which quit=20
working right in the middle of the gig. They were supported by=20
S=B4Ange Susan Belling (soprano) and Jacques Der=E9gnaucourt=20
(violin/electronix). Just marvellous. Apart from that they created=20
a sonic ambience for a "Mundus Subterraneus" -- a post-industrial=20
underworld -- installed by Parisian couple Anne and Patrick=20
Poirier with the music (well, sort of) released on a limited 5" CD=20
called "In der Unterwelt" (which was also sold together with the=20
exhibition catalogue... contact me privately if you want a sealed=20
copy of that wonderful book, btw).

Check out their last CD "Uranography" which was recorded live in=20
concert at Nice Observatory using all their analog goodies on=20
stage plus their "Nachtmusik" CD on German Erdenklang label. The=20
live mix (plus studio production) was done by Michel Geiss (of=20
Matrisequencer fame, and a certain Monsieur Jarre, too). Also=20
worth a listen : "Coma Virus -- hidden", a project by former=20
Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger. If Christian Jacob and=20
Christoph Harbonnier have not played on that album I will quit=20
collecting electronic music.

LIGHTWAVE just show that electronic music from France has a lot=20
more to offer than boring Mr. Jarre (and of course there is still=20
HELDON, sorry, David, I almost forgot ;)).

Hopefully that made things clearer, cheers,