Re: 808 programming track-pattern switch prob (fwd)

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

> > No it doesn't. It doesn't behave like anything described in the
> > manual. 
> Well, what DOES it do?

Boooom, tschak, tschak, boooooooom

IT does sync, and play all sounds and let me change one pattern.
But no chance to switch pattern wither running or not, as long
as the sync cable is inserted. Also no display of the current selected
pattern when in play mode.

> > What really annoys me, is to always unplug sync to choose a
> > different pattern.
> That tells me that something fishy is going on w/ one of the control
> lines on the SYNC cable.  I would take a look at the state of ALL
> the Sync control lines using a Voltmeter - remember that some X0X
> boxes use one of the other lines.  I think the pinout for the 808 is

Now I would really ask for some serious proof for this statement.
As far as I know sync is a 2 line (plus GND) signal. and I had
my doepfer midi to sync open like 20 times and even soldered the kit myself.
the output plug as only 2 pins active !

> I would suggest using the IN/OUT switch until you fix this problem -
> plugging & unplugging the cord will cause the DIN socket to
> eventually develop problems, and it probably flexes the circuit board
> inside as well.

That'sanother weired thing. the switch doesn'tchange the problem at all.
I have to unplug it. thanks for the help so far,


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