Re: [AH] Roland TR-808 MIDI

From Daniel Englbert
Sent Wed, Jan 12th 2000, 17:14

Hmm, anyone know if there is an opposite to this device Stewart is working 
I'm looking for a hardware sequencer ala 808 to trigger preferably midi, but 
CV could be good too.
Like an 808 box layout, the on/off buttons + the rotary knob.
No internal sounds, just the sequencing portions.
ps. sorry, i know i brought this up last week, but this message caught my 

>From: Stewart Pye <>
>To: Hallvard Tangeraas <>, <>
>Subject: Re: [AH] Roland TR-808 MIDI
>Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:38:25 +1000
>Hi Hallvard,
>I'm working on a board that converts midi note on and velocity values into
>velocity controlled voltage pulses. It will work with most drum machines as
>dip switches select the polarity of the trigger, and the maximum trig level
>can be trimmed globally. This project was put on hold for a while due to
>time constraints but should be finished soon.
>I'm not sure if the board will fit inside the 808 as I've never seen inside
>one but it's about 80mm*100mm. It has Midi thru, 8 velocity controlled
>trigger outputs, Din sync output, and 5 5V trigger outputs. Dip switches
>select the midi channel and key range along with different modes. This will
>be sold as a kit, including double sided PCB and all components.
>Stewart Pye.
>At 12:30 PM 11/01/2000 +0100, Hallvard Tangeraas wrote:
> >All this talk about the TR-808 drum machine reminded me of something
> >to ask the list:
> >
> >Does anyone know of a DIY circuit diagram or a kit which allows me to
> >fit MIDI inside the unit? It doesn't have to be advanced. All I need is
> >to be able to trigger each sound from MIDI. Velocity would be nice, but
> >not necessary really.
> >As cheap as possible.
> >
> >Anyone done a modification like this with success?
> >
> >
> >Hallvard
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