Re: [AH] How can I create effect of voice coming from horribly distorted

From John P
Sent Wed, Jan 7th 2004, 18:58

"Hiss and buzz"

Limiting the bandwidth of the voice with a filter would be a good start...
Patch the output of the filter into an audio mixer.
Patch the vocal to an envelope follower, and use it to control the 
loudness contour of some white noise.  Patch env follower to control a 
vca, patch noise into vca audio input., vca output to mixer (above).  
Turn this mix part down a bit.
Create a sixty cycle buzz from a moderately filtered rect wave, patch 
this constant buzz into the audio mixer .  It should be loud enough to 
be annoying but not wash out the vocal.

If you have some more synth resources, some heterodyning would be fun 
also.... two high frequency sine waves into a ring modulator, add that 
to the mix.

Vary all controls to taste.

Zoran Bosnjak wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to record some voices for my lame tec-house tracks, and since I 
> have the least musical voice on the planet (but excellent for calling 
> missing sheep), I have to do some extreme processing to make it usable.
> So, I thought that creating distorted radio effect would be a good 
> starting point.
> Which Doepfer modules would be suitable for this purpose?
> If everything else fails, I can always mike my clock-radio...
> Regards
> Zoran
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