Re: [AH] New Modulars

From Trip Lizard
Sent Mon, Dec 20th 2004, 22:44

>From: michael hale <>
>On Dec 20, 2004, at 5:10 AM, I wrote:
>>>(Honestly, I probably would have started putting a system together 2 or
>>more years ago if it weren't for >the name.
>This makes me chuckle a bit...
>You know you've been playing analogue synths for WAY too long when the 
>color or the name become more important than the sound :^)

Yeah, I know. It's stupid, and I'm now kind of sorry I brought it up. And 
Paul Perry made some good points too. One of the points he made was that if 
it helps sales, then that's a good thing because it will keep the company in 
business longer, etc. However, this was one of the things that initially 
turned me off about the name: the whole ".com" thing made it seem to me like 
an outfit that was gloming onto the end of the whole Internet bubble fiasco, 
so I questioned their staying power. And I knew that I was turned off by the 
name, and since I am precisely in the middle of the "target audience," I was 
afraid others might be too, so I was afraid they might not be successful 
(which does not seem to be the case now, fortunately).

With respect to staying power, a modular is very different than most other 
instruments. I bought a couple of pieces of Quasimidi gear as they were 
going down the tubes, and I wasn't too worried about it. However, with a 
modular, I really want the company to be around long enough that I can build 
my system, swap out modules that I end up not using very much, and expand as 
my needs and finances dictate (unless it's some piece of vintage 
collectible, which I have neither the money nor inclination to pursue at 
this point). I.e. I have swapped out about 6 of my Doepfer modules over the 
past couple of years, as I tweak the system into something that's most 
useful for me -- that's what a modular's all about, in my opinion. Also, a 
modular is a much more significant investment than most other pieces of 
gear, so everything else being equal, I'd rather the company be around for 
the long haul, for a number of obvious reasons. (And, everything else being 
equal, I'd rather have a cool name than a lame name, but I'm over it now.)

With respect to the sound, you make a good point -- but probably the 
unspoken point in my original post was that if I hadn't been adequately 
impressed with the sound, the whole name thing wouldn't have been an issue 
to begin with.

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