Re: [AH] Re: Gear list:

From David Trenkel
Sent Sat, Jan 16th 1999, 00:33

Obligatory gear list post:

Ibanez 1306 6-string bass w/EMG pickups
Fender Rhodes 73
Nord Lead
Yamaha DX-7
ARP Oddyssey and Axxe
SCI Six-Trak
Modular mess consisting of 6-spaces of Doepfer, 2 Blacet Dark Stars, and a
home-made filter and ring mod
Peavey SP/SX sampler
Novation BassStation rack
Oberheim SEM
Kawai K1
Korg DSM-1
Lexicon LXP-1, LXP-5, JamMan, Vortex, MPX-100 (I really like Lexicon!)
Powermac 8500/120/Korg 1212/Deck/Studio Vision/MAX/etc.
And a whole bunch of stopmboxes: EH Memory Man, Electric Mistress, Q-tron,
3MS Duo Distorter, Gonkulator, etc...

Stuff I once had I wish I still had: Not much. I almost never get rid of
anything. There was a PAIA gnome a friend and I built in high school, an EH
Micro synth that an ex-girlfriend stole from me, and a 70's Fender Jazz
bass, that, while still a fairly shitty bass, I could now sell for way more
than I did in 1985.

Music: Avant Jazz/Funk ala 70's Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock's Sextet, Dub,
soundtracks to non-existant films, some feeble attempts at drum 'n bass.

This stuff has all accumulated since about 1978 when I bought the Axxe.
Some of it was dirt cheap (the Oddysey, the DX), some I probably paid too
much for (MC-303).

Dave Trenkel :  :

"...there will come a day when you won't have to use
gasoline. You'd simply take a cassette and put it in
your car, let it run. You'd have to have the proper
type of music. Like you take two sticks, put 'em
together, make fire. You take some notes and rub 'em
together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire."
                                            -Sun Ra