Re: [AH] OB-Mx

From Tony Scharf
Sent Sun, Dec 5th 2004, 07:54

Well, thanks all for the advice.  I think i will steer clear of the 
OBMx.  I currently have a bid going for a certain other oberheim that I 
have always dreamed about, and well just see how that goes :)

if not..Im going to get a stack of 1000's...


matrix wrote:

>> I know some people have their Matrix 1000s hooked up to the Doepfer 
>> Drehbank
>> for a 64 knob monster.
> Can you edit in real time meaning hold a note down, twist a knob and 
> the sound changes in real time, or is it hold a note down, twist a 
> knob and nothing happens until you hit a key again?  Also is it the 
> same for all Matrix 1000s?  Black vs. White face.  How many revisions 
> where there on the Matrix1000 and what are the differences anyway?  
> The Matrix-6 was my first synth.  I love it, but hooking up a knobby 
> controller to it makes it crash. No real time knob control for me.  
> :(  Been thinking of getting a 1000 for this, but I haven't gotten a 
> clear answer on this yet.  Does anyone out there know?
> matrix