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From Thom Ash
Sent Thu, Jan 8th 2004, 19:58

excellent, that's just what i was looking for :D it's true that it might
not be neccessary, but i haven't ever played around with an rs350 before
so it's good to know i can get the sounds i'm after one way or another.

thanks again,


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From: Peter Grenader [] 
Sent: 08 January 2004 02:58
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The stock timing cap is a 100 nano (that's .1 uf).  If you insert one of
those two added as a smaller value rather than two larger ones, it will
create a faster charge and with it, a faster slew. But...a stock 350 set
in the lower regions of pot travel is really fast. It may be a moot
point to attempt to speed it up. In any event, you can play with your
cap values prior to committing them, it won't cause the circuit any

hope this helps,


Thom Ash wrote:

> hi - this is mainly for peter grenader but i thought i'd put it on AH 
> in case anyone else is interested...
> so, i read the post in the analogue systems yahoo group about modding 
> the rs350 to give it a greater range of lag rates. this is interesting

> to me cuz i was considering getting one myself, but i was concerned 
> that as it is the maximum rate of 100ms/V might be too slow for me 
> (the stuff i come up with seems to be getting faster and faster at the

> moment >:D ) i've only ever used a circuit like this as a portamento 
> control in a monosynth and i'm used to being able to turn the rate up 
> until the effect is pretty much inaudible. two questions then:
> 1) how hard would it be to do a (functionally) similar mod, except 
> with the switch settings being 'fast', 'normal' and 'slow' instead of 
> 'normal', 'slow' and 'uber slow'? the latter as described in peter's 
> post sounds within my capabilities.
> 2) ok, not really a question but what do the rs350 owners out there 
> make of this module, mainly in terms of what i mentioned above but 
> also in general? you like?
> cheers!
> thom x