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    I for one have to say shame shame on those that are dumping on John.  He
is a good guy who loves what he's doing.  I distribute the JoMoX line in
Canada and I can remember many times when personal attacks would come my way
on AH because I was seen as a "salesman".  No matter what, people will
always have a reason to hate a certain line of product, maybe because they
wish they could afford at Technosaurus!  Who knows.  Anyways, my personal
feeling regarding the TS stuff is that it is very cool.  I have to admit
that I've never heard one, but everything I have read and seen has me very
impressed.  Has anyone else seen the Future Music review on the Selector D
system?  When I saw that monster, I was in awe and love!  The review was
very positive and I am sold (as soon as I save up enough pennies!!).
Another thing pushing me towards the TS stuff is that everyone and their
grandmama (well almost) owns a Doepfer.  The last thing I want is to sound
like is everyone else by using the same equipment.  Also, I believe the TS
modules always have extra cool shit thrown in and therefore expand the
musical horizons. That's how they can justify the higher price, on top of
the build quality and the fact that by owning one of these you will be
uniquer (if that's a word).   I believe I read something about these extras
in the review and maybe John could expand on what sets this modular apart
from the rest (in his opinion).  I would rather be educated by someone with
information I do not have than shut the door because Doepfer stuff is
evidently cheaper and more accessible (and I'm not saying it isn't cool
stuff as it probably is).   :)


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Subject: [AH] Re: Technosaurus Selector Modular

>Chris Whitten wrote:
>> John,
>> You say two things that give you away.
>> Firstly:
>> "Technosaurus have asked me to help them out in North America, so here I
>> am!"
>Simple. I met the TSaurus guys at NAMM, and I liked their product. I
>they were nice guys. I need to make money to keep my business going and
>more choices for people like you. They asked me to distribute in North
>America. Sure, I am trying to sell product, but I am analogue enthusiast
>> Well it's not suprising that you are raving about it. Also that you claim
>> it's higher price over Doepfer and RS is warranted.
>I said it was warranted in MY opinion. I used to make music but I don't
>anymore because I got an opportunity to start distributing music products.
>It's really hard to maintain the desire to bring (again in MY opinion),
>European analogue products from small companies into North America when you
>guys jump on people like me if I say something that I distribute is good.
>it ever occur to you that I might sell products that I think are good?
>The same thing happened with Novation. It's like I'm evil because I retail
>distribute products. What am I supposed to do, get online and say the
>is half-ass but everyone should still buy it?
>I stand behind my fondness of the product, and that's why I have chosen to
>offer it in North America.
>> Secondly:
>> "{My guess is that the average retailer won't have much interest stocking
>> up on
>> Selector Modulars, so I will deal directly with the end users who wish to
>> purchase a system,"
>> Anytime I have seen a Selector it has been a very sluggish seller. No
>> wonder dealers are wary.
>That is your experience. How many North American dealers do you see
stocking a
>modular of ANY make?
>> My personal opinion is that the Selector is very expensive and not hugely
>> better than either Doepfer or RS.
>> How much is a system with only 9 modules including ONE vco?
>> I'm not knocking the right of the Technosaurus to exist, I'm just trying
>> inject a bit of debate into your sales pitch.
>> CW
>The sales pitch exists in your choice to read my post as such, Chris. I am
>into analogue synths just like the rest of you and I was exicted after a
>wait to finally receive a Selector Modular.
>Ten four, over and out.
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