WANTED modular PATCHABLE analog!!!! Will buy or TRADE!

From Brian Vick
Sent Fri, Aug 18th 1995, 03:28

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995 redacted@example.com said: 
>hi.  i am a composer looking for some patchable and or modular analog
>rsf kobol 
>roland system 100m, 700, tb-303 
>korg ps series 
>please EMAIL me if u got anything!  THANKS!!!!  
Holy shit! Someone has got to give me information on the modular, patchable
TB-303.  I've only seen the version in the little silver box.  Well, what's
the point, mixing the two most overpriced words in synthesizers today
(modular and 303) would probably be well out of my price range.