Re: TB-303

From Machine Media
Sent Mon, Jun 19th 1995, 18:59

> >I'm often playing live with 2 x TB-303, and I always get a lost of sync (I
> use a DOEPFER midi to sync converter). Do somebody knows what is the major
> factor of this problem ? I'm not playing too fast (130-160 bpm) anyway.
> >2 weeks ago I get to a party where ULTRA HIGH (Jammin Unit of Air Liquide +
> his bro) played live, and they get the same problem...
> >Is it an internal bug of the machine or just a problem with vibrations or
> something ... ??

I have never had this problem. Then again, I wouldn't recognize a Doepfer 
if it fell on me. How are you connecting it all together?? Does it happen 
with both 303's?? Is it the same if you swap them??