-- SQ10 --

From Andrea TONI
Sent Thu, Mar 16th 1995, 09:34

> Well,  through good luck, clean living and a little help from rbcIII  
> <redacted@example.com>,  I was able to dig up and SQ-10.  This thing is a  
> real blast.  Not really the best at doing a set of evenly scaled  

well done Bruce .. amazing piece of synthyness !!! 

> So, what are some other favorite SQ-10 tricks?

You can send A and B to hi-pass and lowpass VCF MS20 .. 
and then simulate in step with a fast clock a semi-automatic open-close 
of the filters .. and with portamento on is even more nice ..
no need to use it as a sequencer (put MG on MS20 to trig in MS20 ) 
then some SandH just to make it a bit more weird .. 

I also like a lot to sweep slow sequences in very fast one with the 
speed pot .. 
and indeed when you pass the all lot in a DPS-efx box .. you really 
are in Heaven .. 

Then maybe there are another zillions of possible thing to do .. 

I have always love the MS20/MS10/MS50/SQ10 and old Korg-era .. 
PS3100/PS3300/PS3200 Korg Mono-poly and Polysix .. why dosen't company 
like this exist anymore .. ?? 

Now excuse me I should call this bastard in Holland that wants 2800 DFL 
(divede by1.5 for $) .. to see if he still have the beast .. and add 
some poliphony and LFOS .. to the combos .. 

still looking desperately for as MS50 !!! 

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