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From analogueman
Sent Fri, Oct 27th 1995, 05:11

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> Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 15:47:55 -0400
> Subject: Question and FS
> I am having my ARP2600 refurbed and modified, and have been looking at add
> an analogue sequencer to round out this vintage piece. I have heard of ARP
> sequencers selling for ~$650 USD, but am told that I should check out the
> Doepfer MAQ 3/16.  My question is using the MAQ, can you use the control
> voltage out as audio, (like the ARP Sequencer) to create a digitalwaveform
> from the sequencer settings?
> This is not killer important, just wondering if it is possible.

Check out the TH 48 from Analogue Systems here in the UK. It's a killer 
piece of kit that can do exactly what you require.

Try Bob Williams on +44 (01) 726 67836 (phone or fax)
                    Analogue Systems Ltd
                    St Austell
                    PL25 4EB



   Sean Coppinger ;-)