[AH] Plan B Model 1 PPS

From Plan B (Peter Grenader)
Sent Mon, Sep 25th 2006, 20:02

Another surprise from Electro-Acoustic Research.

The Model 1 Protected Power Source is a secondary power buss which mounts
inside your Analogue Systems or Doepfer rack and provides full protection
for up to  five Doepfer/Plan B style modules against the big stupid -
plugging them in backwards. Instead of frying, modules connected to the
Model 1 simply don't turn on.  For added convenience, the M1 accepts a DC
power feed from either a DOEPFER or ANALOGUE SYSTEMS power cable.

A photo of the bare board can be seen here:


To use the M1, simply run a standard module power cable from one of the
outputs connectors on a Doepfer or Analogue Systems power bus.  You loose
one doing this, but gain 5  - not such a bad deal.

The PSS is fitted with filter caps,  protection diodes and components called
'resettble fuses' on both the + and - power rails. These solid state devices
immediately open the connection between their leads when they sense higher
than normal current flowing through them.  To reset and get back in
business, all you need to do is reconnect with the power cables oriented
correctly.  To make that easy as possible, the words "RED BAND --->" are the
largest markings on the board.

The M1 has been fitted with four mounting holes to provide multiple mounting
solutions within your A. Sys or Doepfer rack chassis.

The boards arrived this morning, we will get to assembling these in the next
couple of weeks but know that they are coming. Salvation has arrived!

- P
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