Jesus Jones Gear List

From Neil Whitelaw
Sent Sat, Sep 28th 1996, 06:19

Dear AHers

I thought this may be of interest to a few people and I have a question. They 
say they use a MIDI SH-101 is this a retro-fitted unit or Kenton Mods and a 
Pro-2 ?

? Q.What equipment do JJ use and why?

A.Atari 1040ST running Steinbergs Cubase (v3.1) and a 100Mb ICD external   
hard drive, a Roland SH 101 (MIDI retro fitted) a Roland TB 303, Rooland 
W 30 workstation, Roland D 10, Boss Dr Rhythm DR 660, Roland JD 800,
Roland Super JD 990, Akai S950, Akai S1000.
The studio ('Think') in which the 4th album was recorded had -
DDA AMR 24 36 input desk, Otari MTR 90 III multi track machine, Quested
and Tannoy monitors, Lexicon PCM 60 digital reverb, Yamaha Rev 7,
compressors, microphones, DAT machines and tape machines.

Why is because its what they like and have and Mike says he is no longer
into machines.

Neil Whitelaw
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