Re: Serge & DMR

From Michael Caloroso
Sent Tue, Jan 13th 1998, 14:37

Mark Pulver inquires:

> Paul Nugent (10:21 PM 1/11/98) wrote:
> > There's a review of a basic Serge Modular system in the most
> > recent issue of Keyboard.  I didn't get a chance to read it
> > thoroughly, but it looked pretty decent.  I was under the impression
> > that they were _quite_ expensive.  Yeah, I think they're pricier
> > than Doepfer, but in comparison to other modular systems on the
> > market (like Don Martin's modules) it is right on.  $250 for a
> > standard VCO.  
> Ummm, I guess I would have to mention that I found it incredibly odd
> that Keyboard did that review. My guess is that someone at Keyboard
> wanted to play with a Serge for awhile.

Jim Aikin reviewed the Serge, and he used to own one himself.  In the
early 90s he was approached by a dealer and after much hesitance, he let
it go.  The next thing he knew, it was in Vince Clarke's possession. 
Lucky bastard.