Re: [AH] NAMM Buchla? Dieter, Don and Robert

From Jane Doe
Sent Mon, Jan 24th 2005, 15:16

From: "Malte Steiner" <>

> hm, I find this post rather offending. If I bail out 10,000 $ and=20
> hear nothing for weeks or months I would really be pissed, no=20
> matter if its Robert, Don or Yamaha. I guess if Doepfer would act=20
> like this they would get bashed into dirt on this list. And a tiny=20
> email saying 'sorry, we didnt estimate the work correct so it will=20
> delay' should be possible for everyone.

We have thick skin, it's ok.=20=20
I am are sure "Roy Neiry, Field Engineer for Indiana Gas & Electric" at 1.8=
00.555.2837 x4673 does not have one on order :)  (His wife wouldn't let him)

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