Manual for Roland System 100M

Sent Wed, Sep 27th 1995, 17:45

 Marc Loehr:
   >Since Monday I am the proud owner of a Roland System 100M
   >...I got it for free!
   >Does anyone have something like a manual (for every module?)?

   I have the original 3 volume set of Roland's electronic music guide.
   It refers to every module and maps out sample patches. It is a handy
   guide and very complete. Good for any modular newbie.

   I paid more for it then you did for the damned synth!!!
   (I'll trade you the manual for the system...)

   I could photo copy a few pages on specific modules; or...
   perhaps a trade- A tape of system 100 noises for copies. :)
   We would have to talk off-line. Contact:

   Funny Note:
     I found the Roland guides in a dusty shelf of old music books.
   The salesman tried to tell me that I didn't actually want it; and
   that "what I really wanted" was a book on MIDI...