Re: [AH] Re: Most vs. Least Useful Gear

From Legion
Sent Sat, Jan 16th 1999, 02:12

>Now that we're talking about cheap studios, what's everybody's gear list, 

None of your damn Biz! :)
Basically a lot of different stuff form synths to stomps to rack and
pedal effects to guitars and basses and amps and cheap toys and borken
consumer products. No, I don't use it all all the time. I don't use it
all in one year. But each piece has it's place or eventually it goes

> what's your favorite/most/least useful

Favorite Changes all the time:

Currently it's the Roland GR300/GR303 guitar synth combo. 
Most recent past favs include:

Ibanez AD80 delay pedal
Doepfer custom modular
Handful of pedals run in a chain and set up in an SKB floor unit.

Least Favorite:
Changes frequently as well but if it stays least fav for too long I move
on and get rid of it for whatever reason.

Recent least Favs:

Korg G1 distortion processor (I have a lot of others and just haven't
bothered to dig up the adapter for this so it sits collecting dust for

Lexicon Vortex - I dug it by hardly ever used it on my newer stuff. It's
gone now.

Most useful:

Hmmm. Define "use" 

I guess my turbo rat distortion pedal which goes well with everything. 

The GR300/303 is also great because right from powerup it can be a
straight guitar, a hevily processed guitar with tweakable filter, or a
waveform in yo face as well as light and airy guitar synth. It just
*feels* good to play.

Princeton reverb or Roland Cube 40 amp

Mackie 1202

Least useful:

Probably some of my nicer gear actually. I only use the KS32 as a
controller. I don't touch the ASR sampler much anymore. I love 'em
dearly but don't *use* them that much anymore. I haven't touched my R845
spring reverb for about a year because i use the spring reverb in all my

> >> and what kinda of music is everyone making???

Idiot avant/trash 
Acoustic blues/pop 
Noise collage 
Good 'ol "ambient" 
(those are all different styles on different albums/projects BTW)

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