Re: [AH] Tech info request on Doepfer modules

From Mark Pulver
Sent Mon, Feb 11th 2008, 09:39

This could help...

And Dieter Doepfer himself is very active here:

But in short, those are power cables and are meant to plug into a Doepfer 
power rail. Where applicable, the cable may also carry CV and trigger info 
to/from the bus. You won't see this on all modules.

Logan Mitchell Sr (03:46 PM 2/7/2008) wrote:
 >I recently purchased a Doepfer A-116 & an A-175. What is the reason for the
 >ribbon cable that comes from these units other than to  provide power and
 >how can they be interfaced with another power source that does not use
 >ribbon cables ? Also, what is the power source voltage for the Doepfer
 >modules ?