Re: Vangelis - Bladerunner Soundtrack

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Mon, Oct 20th 1997, 19:04

>>>>I was just listening to the Bladerunner by Vangelis Soundtrack
>>>>{the real one on the Atlantic label}
>>>>& was wondering what Van used for the lead line to the
>>>>Main Title Theme?  Prophet10 or something?
>>>>If anyone knows it would be pretty cool.  It is a good

The current Sound On Sound has a feature on 'Recording Vangelis at Nemo
Studios' with Keith Spencer-Allen & Raphael Preston, Vangelis' main
engineers in the 70's and early 80's. According to Spencer-Allen, on
'Bladerunner', a CS-80 was indeed used for the main theme solo. Elsewhere
on the album, he used a Rhodes, a VP330 vocoder plus for strings and choir,
a Prophet 10 for the bass sequence on the end titles, and a Yahama GS-1 for
tuned percussion sounds. That 'drunk' piano sound on 'Memories of Green'
was a Steinway through an Electro Harmonix Electric Mistress flanger. On
the same track, the electronic noises were from an early Japanese hand-held
game called the Bambino UFO Master Blaster Station.. There is apparently a
whole _load_ more unreleased material from the 'Bladerunner' sessions in
Vangelis' archives.

There are some other gems in this article referring to how they used to
record, like the fact that the number of multitrack edits on 'Albedo 0.39'
went into 3 figures, and how in they used to record gate pulses from analog
sequencers to tape, in order to provide sync.

They provide a partial(!) equipment list, '75 - '87. Here are some of the

Arp ProSoloist, Stylophone, Elka Rhapsody 610, Farfisa Syntorchestra, Korg
800DV, 700, Poly Ensemble, Roland SH-3A, SH-1000, System 100, RE-201,
Selmer Clavioline.
Arp 2600, Korg PS3300, Minimoog, Moog Satellite, Oberheim 4 & 8 voice,
Roland JP-4, VP-330, Prophet 5 & 10, Yamaha CP-80, CS-80 x 9, CS-40M, GS-1,
Arp Sequencer, Roland System 700 sequencer, CSQ-100.
Korg Poly 800, Juno 106, JP-6, MKS-20/70/80/MPG-80, TR-626, Prophet VS &
tons of digital stuff.