Analogue Sequencers

From Stephen Baishya
Sent Mon, Sep 16th 1996, 18:15


Having sorted out syncing my 202, and retuned my Mono/Poly more times 
than I care to reveal my rig is now sounding well cool.

I have reached the point where I have decided to acquire some "fun 
stuff", starting with an analogue sequencer. Having been quoted =A3600 
for the Analogue Systems one, and =A3750 for the Doepfer I am tempted 
to make my own. I have looked on Music Machines, and found U-Boat's 
schematic, which looks fairly do-able.

I was wondering if anyone on the list had tried this, and:

a) does it work?
b) is it any good?
c) has anyone modded it to receive an external clock (sync-24 or 
d) last but not least, how much did it cost!?

Failing that, are there any other (better?) schematics around? If people d=
feel like starting a thread on the list about analogue sequencers then ple=
email me privately.

Once again many thanks to all of you out there who have helped me with my
problems so far (Ian, the manual's in the post).

Thanks in advance

Stephen Baishya,
London, UK