Re: [AH] Doepfer A111 "running out"

From Nev
Sent Fri, Dec 4th 1998, 04:48

Howdy all,

            Just curious here, about chips harvested from synths etc.  Does
anyone know,
the life expectancy of CEM chips?

For example: if you harvested chips from various old machines, wouldn't they be
more likely to fail than some chips that have been stored unused?
What sort of time difference would there be, roughly ?

Also by cloning , do you mean that the oscillators in the Roland oscillator rev
(Rev 5?) of the MKS80 are copies of the 3340?

Thanks for the info,

Paul Schreiber wrote:

> 5) The sad fact of the matter is that I would have to sell 8,000 chips at $6
> ea to BREAK EVEN
> on a reissue. I offered  3340s on my auction. I sold 19. Roland already
> cloned it for the MKS-80,
> and Yamaha & Korg are all digital. Side note: while in production, the 5,000
> piece price
> for the 3340 was $3.25 (circa 1982).
> Sadly, the best source of 3340s are broken synths. (the MemoryMoog has 18 in
> it!)
> In fact, at "current" prices the 48 (!) CEM chips in a MemoryMoog are worth
> about $1375.
> Paul Schreiber
> Synthesis Technology