Re: [AH] minimal percussive bleeps and bloops with filters

From Daniel Ornelas
Sent Fri, Feb 1st 2008, 01:31

Hey Danjel,

I'd go with a small eurorack modular for sure. Its quite cost effective these days too.

I've got a few patches on my nord micro modular I use for this purpose along side my Plan B Model 13 and Doepfer A-119 (env follower) one example:

I take 2 event seqs, feed them into two AD envs (keep the attack fast and decay medium) into two amplifiers, both feeding to output 1. Take output 1 from the nord into the A-119, feed the gate signal (set it relatively sensitive to catch the attack of the sound) and the envelope out into the Model 13, along with the 2 audio outs that the A-119 provides.

At this point, i'll take the sum out of the Model 13 back into the input 1 of the micromodular. I then setup another filter, usually multimode (setting the cutoff and res to taste) and have the cutoff modulated by a slow sine, and finally a gate delay, taking the 24 pulse output of the clock feeding the 2 event seqs and set knob 1 on the micromodular to the gate delay time. I feed its output to yet another AD env/amplifier before sending the chopped up signal to output 2 for recording.

The Model 13 filter/amp combo adds a distinct 'meat' to the sound in my opinion. This gives me 4 control points in the signal path to create rhyhmically timed variations.

Let me know if you are interested in the patch and/or hearing it.


On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 03:38:36PM -0800, Danjel van Tijn wrote:
> I have been chatting with a cool minimal techno producer from the UK
> about his techniques for producing interesting rhythms.
> He personally swears by using a multitude of analog filters and then
> triggering them with all sorts of different sources. E.g. a drum part
> playing through a filter may have the envelope triggered by multiple
> other drum parts to create off kilter rhythms.
> From briefly expreimenting it is clear that the quality of your filter
> makes all the difference in getting useable and musical parts
> (especially if you want well defined high freqeuncy percussive sounds
> like you hear in a lot of modern minimal techno). What I mean by this
> is that the filters in my nord micromodular took a lot of work to get
> something that sounded reasonable (but not great). Most plugins  are
> have few options for complex rhythmic modulation, at least the filter
> in Abelton live now allows for sidechaing but the envelope is on AD.
> So the obvious choice is to use a modular analog system or some
> dedicated filters with lot's of mod i/o like a Sherman Filterbank 2.
> He also recommended using a modded SH-101 with filter input and then
> using the built in sequencer to modulate with patterns.
> Can anyone recommend filters they have found to be very versatile for
> sound design?
> Something like the Ebb and Flute looks cool but is out of my price
> range. The Sheman FIlternak 2 is more reasonable but maybe I would be
> better off with an analog synth that has external inputs? or start
> putting together a small modular system?
> thanks,
> Danjel
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