Re: [AH] Modern shit is too expensive. -

From Matthew Ritenburg
Sent Tue, Feb 19th 2008, 04:43

>>"hoarding it in his rec room."

I cannot agree with this sentiment because hoarding
happens when resources are scarce.  You cannot
convince me that analog resources are scarce.
Certainly Buchla Easels are scarce, but that is the
exception.  Look at the Oberheim Matrix 1000, they are
powerful 1U analog synths with *extensive* programming
capabilities.  There are usually five a week on ebay
in the $200.00 range.  Put one of those in your DJ
rack controlled from an ANX200, Electribe, or what
ever = POWER.  And then there are all the modern

Also, I am not convinced that modern analogs are too

You could flip burgers at McDonalds and make enough
every week to buy a new Doepfer module.  In one year
you would have a 52 module doepfer system.  If you
decided to buy one 800 dollar module every 4 weeks
instead of one 200 dollar module every week, you would
have enough for a 13 module wiard system at the end of
the year.

Of course, I completely sympathize with those of you
suffering from gearlust.  We all know how gearlust
brings out the little Veruca Salt in all of us. "NOW