[AH] rant: non-responsive vendors

From jon schatz
Sent Tue, Jan 29th 2008, 21:48

possibly ot rant starting:

right now three different vendors (at least one of whom i'm sure is  
recieving this message now) have a significant chunk of my money. none  
will return emails or phone calls (well, one won't return phone calls;  
i have no phone numbers for the other two). two promised delivery  
dates last fall. i've heard nothing from any of these vendors since  
november 21 of last year.

i understand that orders get delayed; 3rd parties ship late, software  
has bugs, unexpected things occur. but it doesn't take more than a few  
minutes to respond to an email or phone call to say just that. i doubt  
any of these manufacturers would stand for _their_ vendors treating  
them this way.

note to vendors: having exotic stuff does not outweigh having shitty  
customer service. in my experience the company with the least exotic  
lineup (dotcom) is the one with the best customer communication[*].  
when (if!) i get my money back from these companies i'm sending it off  
to roger instead.

rant done.



[*] - i know there are a few other companies that are active members  
of this list but other than dieter doepfer i've never seen any other  
designer so willing to personally communicate with his/her customers.

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Vol 7.