[AH] for trade : MPC2000 loaded/wanted

From Paul Wagorn
Sent Sat, Oct 18th 2003, 00:17

hi All:

I've decided to trade my MPC2000.  It's a great sampler, fantastic
sequencer, and great performance tool.  64 mute/unmute tracks, 16 drum pads,
etc etc.

it's got:
- memory maxed out
- the 8 output board/digital i/o
- a zip drive
- a couple of zip disks.

I also have an internal zip drive in my computer that I might trade as
well - it's super handy for transerring back & forth between the computer
(as the MPC reads .wav files & standard midi files!)

What I'm looking for in trade (I can toss in some extra cash if needed):

- Arp 2600
- a small modular of some sort (roland/Doepfer)
- maybe an MS-20
- a 'modern' GOOD synth
- anything else that's really cool :
- NOT a whole bunch of little items :)