Re: 707

From Spiromatic Idiocy
Sent Thu, Oct 12th 1995, 17:45

On Tue, 10 Oct 1995, MACHINE MEDIA wrote:

> Yes, you can program the shuffle and flam values independently for each 
> pattern -- but not each sound event or each intrument.  The Flam setting 
> has no effect on the Shuffle setting or vice versa (of course the 
> shuffle will shuffle the timing of any flams you have programmed :)  

I'll look at the dox again, I must be doing something different than I 
think.  I could swear that you could put a shuffle "event" on a specific 
clock (1-16) and it would shift that (for all instruments on that 

I feel like I'm fumbling for words, thoughts.... 

Oh, does anyone know if that Doepfer 8x16event trigger->midi thing will 
have flam/shuffle?  (+/- knobs across the top would be fine!)

Robot-rhythms sound better back2back with little latin shuffles...

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