Re: [AH] doepfer modular systems (long)

From David Trenkel
Sent Tue, Dec 1st 1998, 04:37

At 5:09 PM 11/30/98, JNDK wrote:
>The A-110 VCO (basic oscillator) sounds kinda cold to my ears, and
>has a limited range.  There is also a high end VCO (A-111) which I did
>have the chance to play with so I'll leave that one for someone else to

I think the A-111 sounds terrific, very stable, very smooth, and has a wide
frequency response. If I was putting my system together again, I'd use all
A-111's if I could afford it.
>The A-114 Dual Ring Mod is a good bargain, and does its duty without too
>much carrier bleed-through.

Agreed. I sometimes wish it had an on-board oscillator so I didn't have to
tie up an oscillator as a carrier, but that'd be a more complex module.
>The A-115 Audio Divider is a nice module to have if you only have a
>VCOs, but I would have wanted it to have some CV control for the
>levels of each sub frequency.  This sounded to me like a souped-up
>version of
>the Roland SH-101's sub oscillator scheme.

I like the A-115 quite a bit, often running things other than square waves
through it for really wierd sounds.
>I really enjoyed the A-116 Waveform Processor and would recommend it
>as a solution to the cold sounding A-110 VCO.  It features enough
>to be used as a powerful mangling tool.  I felt it gave the otherwise
>A-110 waveforms some guts.  I also used it on modulation sources.

Agreed. The A-116 is one of the more subtle and interesting modules I've used.
>The A-121 Multimode VCF was a disappointment.  I felt it lacked
>in the gain department and I did not enjoy the manner in which it jumped
>into self-oscillation.  It is a good all-in-one module, but use it on
>critical tonal components.  It has a good CV implementation, but stay
>away from the QCV 1 input (see self-oscillation comment).

Here I completely disagree, I LOVE the sound of the A-121, I greatly prefer
it over the A-120 moog-style filter. The nasty, screamy quality of the
self-oscillation is part of what makes it appeal to me. Dif'rent strokes.
>The A-122 VCF 3 does its job quite nicely, but a little too politely
>for my taste; as with the A-121, it lacks a bit of guts and
>too abruptly.  Maybe the A-120 (which is based on the Moog tranny
>ladder design) sounds warmer, but I did not have the chance to play
>with one.  I opted for the A-122 because the A-123 lacked a QCV in...

Haven't used the 122 or 123, but I think the A-120 sounds kind of bland.

>I often found myself not using the A-146 (because it could not be used
>an audio range oscillator for FM nor a precisely synchronous source of
>Most of the time, I used it as a master clock for the A-155 sequencer
>because of
>its variable duty cycle.

My A-146 does go into the audio range. I agree that it should have a reset
in, and wish the wave-skewing could be voltage controlled.

>My overall thoughts:
>I thought the construction of the unit (in terms of sound quality) could
>have been
>a bit better.  Doepfer use ribbon cables to connect the various modules
>to a bus
>bar in the frame.  There was a bit of cross-talk in between the modules,
>so I
>would recommend you do a fair bit of planning before you finalize your
I've had no problems with hum or crosstalk in my system, and I feel it's
built solidly enough to withstand my abuse. I've taken it to gigs, and have
dismantled and re-assembled mine several times, never had a problem.
>Minor gripes aside, the A-100 system which features over 60 (?) modules
>is a lot of modular for very little cash.  It should not really be
>compared to
>a Moog or Serge system because it costs way less, but I'm left wondering
>fewer better implemented modules would not have been better in the long

Agreed. My only previous modular experience was with an ARP 2600 and a
collection of (never-working) PAIA modules at the music school I attended
some 15 years ago. Always wanted to have a modular that I could afford, the
Doepfer was the first modular system that I could. I'm constantly inspired
by mine.

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