Re: Poly MIDI-CV

From Tony Karavidas
Sent Wed, Sep 3rd 1997, 06:57

dwp wrote:
> Ok let me boil this down some more.
> I want to control a 4 module OB SEM array with all of its lovely CV
> points.
> I'd like to be able to control all 4 of them in any poly/mono
> combination.
> Does this make a difference as which MIDI-CV product to use?
> I see Doepfer has a 24 output MIDI-CV.  Anyone have any experience
> with their MIDI-CV products?
> thanks,
> dave

Hello Dave,

I've read several replies to you and here are my comments:

The Expressionist can support a OB 4 voice. In fact, it can support two
of them as two independent polyphonic instruments! Or it can support the
OB 4 voice AND a Minimoog, AND a Pro-One, AND a CS15 AND a MS20 at the
same time! Enough of the sales hype, what I'm trying to say is the the
Expressionist is great for some configurations and the
Kenton/JKJ/Frostwave/PAIA/(anyone else) are great for certain other
configurations. Some are less expensive which might be a very "real"
factor when making a buying decision. Some are without chassis, which
may be important if you want to embed it in an instrument. 

Someone mentioned that Kenton's 8 AUX CVs are very important to them.
Great! The Kenton does have more dedicated AUX CVs than the
Expressionist, BUT, the Expressionist has more PITCH channel than
anybody. (The Doepfer has yet to be seen). What happens when you have a
4 voice OB, a Kenton Pro4 and you decide to buy another analog synth?
You have a bunch of AUX CVs, but they're no good for pitch control. So
now you have to buy another MIDI->CV converter. I think it's a short
sighted solution.

The idea behind the Expressionist is that a single channel is not
limited to PITCH or AUX functionality, but is high enough resolution and
programmable enough to support both. You may have a modular synth that
can use lots of auxiliary fucntions; so you can use my channels as AUX
channels. You might own some duophonic and several monophonic
instruments; now use my channels for pitch control. The channels are
versatile so you can use them as needed.

Also, the polyphonic flexibility is much greater with the Expressionist.
You can use any of the eight channels as a group. You aren't limited to
consecutive channels, and the Expressionist has two groups. An example
would be your OB 4 voice on one, and two Minimoogs as a duophonic
instrument on the other group.

Someone mentioned that the Expressionist doesn't have "assignable X/Y
controllers." What do you mean? I will reply as soon as this statement
is more clear.

Tony Karavidas
Encore Electronics