[AH] steve roach live concert gear spotting

From Blake Wilson
Sent Mon, Mar 7th 2005, 16:41

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i made the drive from san diego to tucson over the weekend to camp 
out and see steve roach play a rare live show in his hometown.  if 
you're not familiar with him, check out the obvious place:


his early work such as "empetus" is almost entirely analog, and there 
are some photos of his early setup here:


no, he didn't have a dual synthi aks setup saturday night, but from 
what i was able to see he had two racks of doepfer modules, which 
kicked in around 1.5 hours into the show (it was 3 hours in total) 
with some wonderful pseudo random sequencing. he also had a matrix 12 
*and* and xpander, both of which got lots of attention throughout the 
night. a korg er-1 did most of the electronic drum sounds, and 
percussionist byron metcalf took care of the acoustic frame drums, 
tibetan bowls, etc. there were two other keyboards i couldn't 
identify, and lots of shakers, rattles, digeridoos, etc.

for those of us who stand amidst a pile of gear and make music, this 
was an inspiring show. it ranged from bombastic peals of 
thunder/noise, to electronic squeals, to tribal percussion, to 
barely-there ambience. personally, i was hoping for more TD-type 
sequencing, but that's the breaks.  for that type of music, his new 
"life sequence" CD is quite good.

roach is lumped into the "new age" category, which isn't 
representative of the majority of his output, so don't let that 
classification scare you.


blake wilson


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