[AH] Moogerfooger Filter Pedal/Ross Analog Delay pedal

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Thu, Dec 8th 2005, 21:22

i have a Doepfer A100 Basic system,  one thing i miss is a dedicated 
external input/envelope follower...i was thinkinging the Moogerfooger 
filter would fit the bill nicely, plus the Moog LP filter (not real 
happy with the Doepfer A-120 VCF, it's okay, the 121 is better to my 
ears, regardless)...will this pedal interface nicely with the A100 as 
far as voltage, i/o, etc?  and for those in the know, does  the MF sound 
much sweeter that the Doep filt?

the other question (which is rather vague to be honest),  is it 
possible/impossible to  provide  voltage control to an analog delay 
pedal for the delay rate? in other words, if  the pot adjusts the 
voltage for delay (or other function), couldn't a mod be performed to 
allow a midi>cv box to supply the voltage? i understand scaling might be 
way off, part of the mod maybe?  or would it be easier/cheaper to track 
down an old Ibanez rack analog delay (i think they have mod inputs, 
others?)....  just a thought on this one....

any feedback is cool by by me...