Re: Kenton Pro-4 & selfbuilt

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 9th 1970, 01:00

> At 2:47 PM 3/19/95, Vance Gloster wrote:
> >If I created a MIDI to CV/gate converter, would people think it
> >reasonable to buy the processor pre-programmed for $50?  You would
> >need to build the circuit (not much to it, less than $15 in parts not
> >including the box and power transformer).  If there is enough interest
> >I would probably do it.  If interested you might include a list of the
> >features you are most interested in.  The initial version would
> >probably not include the cool DIN/Sync conversion that the Kenton box
> >has.
> >
> I would like the option for two or more sets of CV/gate outputs, with a
> (pushbutton?) MIDI channel selection for each one.  I don't know how much
> that would complicate the programming, but it would nice not to need one
> box for each CV synth...

I didn't understand that puthbutton idea, but as this thread as already
been around I stressed the NEED of several cv,cv,gate triples for
several Midi channels to Vance.
I have two Doepfer boxes here, each supplying my with one pair of CV/gate.
I would keep them, expecially as they also do the Korg MS20 scale.

But one Box (19" dream!) for a whole bunch of old loveys would be cOOl !

> Maybe a trigger output, too, for controlling arpeggiator clocks.
That's not too important to me. Who doesn't have several TR's beside
the Triggerable monos ?


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