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>Actually, if they come back and ram the overinflated modular prices back
>down the hole they came crawling out of, I'll be quite happy. I have
>nothing but praise for Serge for keeping the torch lit, Doepfer for
>bringing the prices back in line for the basics, and now this for putting
>Moog back online so that you don't have to mortgage a small country to
>afford a Model 55 or IIIc. If they come back, personally, _I_ will be
>quite _pleased_...especially if a lot of broker-types are left holding
>the bag on their VINTAGE RARE ANALOG etc etc etc $10000000 (add zeros ad
>nauseaum). You're perfectly welcome to feel as angry as you like, but I
>think you're going to be in a very small (perhaps singular) minority.
>        Oh, and three little words: "Strunk and White". Checkum out.

Do we have any idea how much these toasters are going to be? As it stands
now, most new analogue gear seems to cost more than the comparable used
beastie. That's of course a generalization, but if these new Moog units
cost MORE than the current rate for vintage gear, that would truly suck.
After all, the price of those things is why manufacturers get back into the
analogue market methinks. much for these pups?

Matt Haines

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