Re: Problem on M6R

From trait
Sent Wed, Sep 27th 1995, 23:53

>The M6R will respond to two channels of midi in split mode, 2/4 voice,
>4/2, 6/0 and 0/6 voice splits.  These are normally upper and lower, and
>perhaps overlapping or even complete layers from the same controller
>keyboard. It also has a mono 6 channel mode for guitar controllers.
>Whoa, just went back over that, manual says it does the 2 channel thing,
>and it also says two sounds from two tracks of a sequencer, but I can't
>find the channel assign (rom 2.13a, alleged to be the last ROM, fixes a
>glitch in earlier ones).  Maybe not, confusing. ...Here it is, under
>SPLIT parameter page -- "02 Left MIDI output"  despite the word output, it
>also controls input on the basic midi channel set on the master page.
>Set to value=ON, "05 Right midi output" also to "ON" receives/sends on
>basic MIDI channel +1, so lower split on channel 5, then upper is on 6.
>So, now we both know, manual, p. 91, ... each half of the split can be
>controlled by two separate instrument controllers on two different
>channels.  Volume between the two can be adjusted with the 06 left-right
>balance" and left as part of your custom split.
>Now that velocity thing, might be the early glitch the update the rom fixes,
>OR, under master edit, go to "52 CALIBRATE", press the value, 4th button,
>it asks ready?, hit YES,  any major problems will show up as it does its
>thing, takes a minute or so, and produces some small noises, don't panic.
>As I said, this is a nifty synth.  recommended.  heck, buy two!  Oh yes,
>tuning drifts under stage lights, retunes in seconds and a remote can be
>built for that.  (I never built one, but was given one).

Speaking of which, is it worth it to buy the Doepfer (or whoever)
Programmer for the Matrix 6r or could it be done with a Midi Fader box?

I'm also interested in getting a copy of the service manual, if you're up
for it..


Todd Sines
.xtrak - Enhanced - neriq - Zinc Studios