[AH] Doepfer MCV24

From F.Ernst
Sent Sat, Jan 29th 2000, 16:39


I would like to know how behave the built-in ADSR of the Doepfer MCV24. 
I intend to send the 4 outputs of my korg WS to 4 analog filters
(probably some Tony Algood's Superladders) controlled by the MCV24.  
I am quite happy with the idea to be able to set the ADSR parameters via
midi. The problem is I don't have any idea of the "quality" of the ADSR.
I mean, since they are probably software generated, are they
sloppy/snappy, do we hear some steppings, etc.. I presume that they are
quite close to what we found on the average synths.. Anyway I will be
quite happy to hear some comments about theses built-in ADSR in the
The archives don't cover this aspect really.

Best regards,

Francois Ernst