Re: [AH] NAMM 2006 report

From jfm3
Sent Thu, Jan 26th 2006, 04:59

On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 18:45 +0000, Norman Fay wrote:
> 8 sequences running
> at once, each of which can be a different number of steps, each of
> which has sub-sequences for midi control #s etc, and each of these can
> have a different number of steps!  Like, you could have a 16-step note
> pattern, with a 13-step CC#5 pattern and a 7-step CC#1 pattern all
> running concurrently, and you have this x 8, with pattern and chain
> memories, midi LFOs step skip pendulum mode etc

Sounds exactly like a Doepfer Schaltwerk, but the Schaltwerk has DIN
sync in, 24 CV/GATE outs, and a big huge control surface.