[AH] FS/FT:Roland CMU-800

From matt wilson
Sent Sat, Jan 29th 2000, 04:54

to quote the archives:

The CMU-800 is a medium-sized, off-cream
metallic wedge, with a barrage of
jacks on the back and a bare minimum of knobs
on the front. It also sported
this ruddy great ribbon cable hanging out the

What is it? Essentially, its a
computer-controlled CV/gate output system,
designed to work with three computers - a
Japan-market-only NEC Z80
machine, the humble Apple II range, and (of
all things!) the IBM PCjr. No
MIDI, no inputs as such, just a means to let
your "brand spanking new 8-bit
computing marvel" be the controlling heart of
your System 100M. The box was
the same for each model, you just bought the
interface and software to suit
your particular CPU.


its disassembled, and i don't know if i have all the screws to
put it back together. the leds light up; i think it works. its
in good shape.  you get it as is; in a couple pieces. all the
parts are there (but the screws....) . be adventurous.  make an offer!


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