[AH] (FS) Doepfer, Livewire and Plan B eurorack modules. (updated with n

From appliancide
Sent Tue, Oct 7th 2008, 17:21

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Here are this list of the module that are still available and I've added a =
few more to the list.

Most prices are 75% of new. I take good care of my stuff and I don't smoke.
paypal me for the module(s) you want, I pack it nice and secure and you
pay me for shipping after I send the module. I have good feedback on
here as either appliancide or paul akin (probably both).


a155 sequencer - $290 -=20
A156 dual quantizer - $132
A150 dual voltage controlled switch - $57
A146 adjustable waveform LFO - $68
A132 dual VCA - $60
A110 VCO - $150
A100P portable suitcase - $400

Plan B:

2 Model 15 VCO -$250 each - these are not the super slim ones, but they hav=
e the improved sine circuit.

I'm still interested in trading for any of the doepfer BBD modules. the doe=
pfer vactrol phasor,
the harvestman sampler or the cwejman frequency shifter. Those are the only=
 things I am interested in trading for.

I will take paypal for the price of the module(s) and then you can pay me t=
he actual shipping=A0 price after I send the package.

Thanks for the bandwidth and feel free to email me with any questions or of=