[AH] Re: Doepfer A-100/modular advice

From appliancide
Sent Sat, Nov 8th 2008, 23:09

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So I'm a little late on this topic, but I'll throw in my 2 cents anyway. 

I agree with others about not getting the base system. The 110 is a decent basic oscillator that can be modded for extra functionality, but you should have at least one nicer one as well (Livewire, Plan B, Tiptop, etc..) The 108 is definitely a stand out in the Doepfer line. It's way more flexible than the 120 that comes with the base system. I would also recommend some sort of low pass gate. Doepfer, Plan B have them and Make Noise will soon have a quad unit out. As far as lfos go, the Livewire Vulcan is my favorite. A dual ocsillator with cross-modulation and a few logic outs. Plan B makes really small ones now and the Cwejman dual seems like a great unit. 

I could go on, but the point is figure out exactly what you want your synth to do and then go check out Analogue Haven, Big City Music and Noisebug to see all of the different choices in the eurorack world. Shawn at AH is really helpful when it comes to setting up a new system to fit your needs and budget. I'm sure the other guys are great, but I've never dealt with them so I can't say either way.

My last piece of advice....buy my stuff:

a108 filter $165 (perfect for use with the bbd modules)

a110 VCO $135

a148 dual s&h $60

a181-1 bbd (4096 stages) $200

a131 exp. vca $72

a150 dual vc switch $60

a132 dual vca $60

Combo deals:

echo combo combo - 108+188-1 $350

kitchen sync - 110+148+131+132+150 $370

everything above - $650 shipped anywhere in the US $666 for everywhere else