[AH] Theiss Modular, any out there yet?

From ndkent
Sent Sun, Dec 5th 2004, 20:08

Look at the archives they were brought up last year  - but I figure 
since they seem to be adding more modules maybe someone by now has some 
familiarity with them and/or perhaps confirmation if they've shipped 


Notice the filters must be bought coupled with a mixer and VCA. But I 
guess looking in reverse it's even more odd. Need another VCA, as far 
as I can tell you have to pick up a filter to get one.

  Some odd waveshapes on the LFO.

They take the original Moog oriented approach of not many voltage 
processing options - except for that OR module that seems to focus on 
adding volts to change octaves. But maybe a little of the Roland 100M 
approach of combining major modules into one - not that others recently 
haven't also taken up this approach for one reason or another. That 
brings up that whole Serge issue of if it's a "proper" modular if a 
bunch of modules are all on the same piece of metal and not actual 
separate modules. (sorry can't help it, though I admit it's not all 
that interesting a discussion anyway other than some underlying desire 
to exclude the Serge from being considered a "proper" modular)

I also see Club of the Knobs is offering their own Bode Frequency 
Shifter - and at a pretty deep discount if you take the plunge early.

I wonder if companies are being emboldened by seeing other companies 
make them (Analogue Systems, Modusonics/Moog CE)

It would be slightly interesting to know how much are companies are 
just building from the schematics and to what extent were these new 
copies built to either sound exactly like an original or conversely 
sound better than an original. You know it's one thing to build 
something from plans that shifts and it's another thing to discuss the 
quality of the shift, especially since frequency shifters aren't that 
heavy on the ground. (v2 of Arturia's Moog V software adds one ;-)

nicholas kent