Re: Modulation footpedals

From chad_gould
Sent Mon, Sep 29th 1997, 19:54

Right... the way I understand many footswitch / pedal type systems to work is 
that they receive a signal from the synthesizer (on one of the lines of a stereo
chord), modulate it with a pot, and transmit that signal to the synthesizer on 
the other side of the chord, which interprets it into some byte value. The only 
pedal I've fooled with is the Yamaha DX breath controls, but this was exactly 
the way it worked... which meant you could make a ridiculously simple circuit 
that emulated the Yamaha DX breath control function. 

You COULD, theoretically, make a CV circuit with a 9V battery (or so) and some 
resistors, capacitors, and 1 pot, that transmits a constant CV set by the pot. 
That could be useful; there's probably current issues you'd have to deal with, 
but other than that, I think it'd be relatively simple. It's been too long since
I've had my EE classes to think of a good circuit, though. (: 

Subject: Re: Modulation footpedals
Author:  dwp <>
Date:    9/26/97 1:12 PM

BW wrote:
> Anyone have any recommendations for footpedals for modulation purposes (VCO 
> pitch, cutoff frequency, etc.)? Am I right in thinking that some modern
> volume (swell) pedals can be used for these purposes? 
> And if anyone wants to sell me a Korg MS-01, I'm all ears! :-) 
> Ben
> p.s. Why do Coldcut have _three_ Korg PS-3300's and an EMS VCS4? It's not 
> fair!! Boo-hoo! ;-)
Modulation footpedals must output a CV.  Most (cheap) volume pedals are 
only a pot.  I got some "old" Moog pedals and these need a battery to 
supply the CV.  I'm sure you could rig up the "cheap" volume pedal to 
output CV.