MIDI control? (was Re: HELP! with a Speak & Spell..) (fwd)

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

> > does anyone have any info on how to do any mods on this thing? Make it respond
> > to MIDI? ;]
>    I've been wondering about this sort of thing myself... how to hook up 
> various devices to MIDI... sound-making toys, cheap little synths (those 
> cheesy $50 wonders kids play with), and stuff... How would you do that?  
> It can't (theoretically) be that difficult...

There is a dedicated Doepfer unit. "midi to TRIGGER".
It is intended to use with all those organs and stuff, where no
dedicated keyboard controller exists that feeds let's say 8 voices or so,
but where the whole keyboard is full polyphonic.

It is a 64 note (I believe 64) to trigger (gate?) out, so each midi note
equals a trigger, which you must connect to each keyboard key.
But of course you may use that and get a killer box with 64 jacks.
Now you can trigger (gate?) 64 toys, coffee machines, atom bombs
(featuring the famous D. Jaques Chi RAK's pyro art), or MS20's.
whatever you think is the worst.

Ohh the price: I believe about 250DM aprox. 150$ US.


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