[AH] FS: Doepfer A188-1 (1024 stages), A196 PLL, A179 LCV (price 70% of

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Thu, Jul 17th 2008, 18:49

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for sale the following: (all in fine working and cosmetic condition): =
(price is 70% of new)

A188-1 1024 stages (old version front panel, 100% functionaly identical =
to second version, for graphics of the panel, see the sketch at the =
bottom of this page: http://www.analoguehaven.com/doepfer/a188-1/    =
price: 129.5 USD

the ONLY difference of version one from the current version of the =
A188-1, is this:
"For the BBD circuits with 128 and 4096 stages the first version of the =
A-188-1 cannot be used without modifications (additional electronic =
parts and wires, interrupted pcb tracks). The revised version of the =
module is delivered since about June 2006 and contains several jumpers =
to select the desired BBD circuit. If desired we are able to modify the =
first version of the module for the BBD with 4096 or 128 stages."
that means that you cannot replace the bbd chip of the 1024 stages, with =
a bbd chip of 128 or 4096 stages, without some modifications needed to =
be made in the module...

A196 PLL phase locked loop module (with blue led for free) price: 69.3 =

A179 Light to CV (with blue leds for free!) price: 63 USD (i'll also =
include a custom made small LDR box, made by my tech, to control the =
a179 from a small distance)

will include screws and ribbon cable.

paypal payment only.

shipping 10 USD to anywhere. if you buy all 3 modules you still only pay =
10 USD!

add 4% for paypal fees.


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