[AH] tools of the trade

From toby boudreaux
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

hi all.
i've gone thru the archives... no luck...

i want to design and build weird (yet simple) effectssignal processors for
my girlfriend and i to use... i'll surely incorporate doepfer/motm/blacet
modules in the signal at some point, etc... but, aside from schematics upon
which to base these projects, what tools are needed?

obviously a soldering iron...

i'm not really speaking of PARTS, but TOOLS.

i would love to build/mod an eh microsynth type stomp box, with a pitch->cv
converter and an osc, vca, vcf, lfo, as well as cv out...

is this relatively easy (not like the play-doh fun factory but LEARNABLE)?

anyway, help for me and a post for the archives...