[AH] Soeper Doepfer

From Mark Strijbos
Sent Sun, Mar 5th 2000, 01:17


I recently discovered that the Doepfer dealer for the Netherlands is 
located right here in my hometown and today i decided to pay him a 
visit. He had a wide range of Doepfer products and a variety of other 
old and new gear - most of it for sale and most of it analog 
I noticed a Polymoog and a CZ101, wooden(!) and plastic Wasps 
and Caterpillars, two TB's, a PPG Wave, Oberheim Matrix-6, a JX-P8 
with programmer on top of a D-50 and that's just half of it

I fooled around for some time with his wonderful A-100 modular - 2 
VCO, 2 VCA, 2 LFO, 2 VCF etc etc - and decided i desperately need 
one :)  

But i'll have to save up a bit for a modular so i treated myself to a 
Doepfer MS-404 midi analog monosynth. It's hard to describe a 
synth in words but i'll try: think "TB-303" and then some... a really 
wicked acid monster.

Saw or pulse VCO, 24dB LP VCF, 2 LFO's, adjustable Accent and 
Glide and a full ADSR envelope in a slick silver rack unit that is built 
to last. All that and an External Audio Input (!) for $260...
The official Doepfer site ( http://www.doepfer.com ) says they are 
being discontinued so perhaps you should get one while stocks last 

Mark Strijbos 

HAVE: MS-404, JUNO-60, D-10, MC-303, OCTAPAD II