Re: [AH] Is VC Resonance a "useful" feature?

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Sat, Jan 25th 2014, 20:41

Thats true in isolation but most of us have several filter options.

I absolutely _need_ to have 1 or 2 different filters with a modulation 
capability for Q (and do)

Also I have two filters that have no such option:

- Doepfer A-124 Wasp filter; it can sweep from LP to HP but no QCV
- Doepfer A-104 Trautonium Formant Filter; no QCV but really special 
textures animate themselves under hand control

In the end, if I am leaving for Alpha Proxima on Colony Ship 1 and I can 
only take a single VCF module, it is damn well going to be one with CV 
into everything.

A good design speaks for itself; with or without QCV.

On 25.01.14 6:56 PM, djstorm wrote:
> Maybe the better question to ask is what you would be trading off to keep
> it in?  i.e. everyone wants VC resonance when they're not giving up any
> other functionality on the same module.
> On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 11:40 PM, Paul Schreiber <> wrote:
>> Thinking ahead to new filter designs.......
>> Both the '440 and '480 have VC Resonance inputs. But, and let's be honest:
>> are they *used* all that much? One filter more than the other?
>> Doing this adds cost/board space that I could use elsewhere.
>> The only patch that comes to mind is adding a Velocity to Res, so that the
>> harder you play, the more resonance you have. But I think 95% of modular
>> owners do not 'play' them that way.
>> Thoughts?
>> Paul S.