RE: [AH] stepsequensers that sends CC# data?

From Eduardo Saponara
Sent Thu, Oct 2nd 2008, 21:47

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Sure=2C guess that was premature.  I like the look of the zeit more than I =
do the octopus=2C and I was never into the nortron things so it may be what=
 you are looking for=2C and it may be more feature wise=2C but hidden behin=
d a more unfamiliar interface.
it was more of a statement about the lack of talk of the zeit and all the t=
alk about the octopus when these sort of options are considered.> From: imp=> To:> Date: Thu=2C 2 Oct 2008 16:3=
7:51 +0000> Subject: RE: [AH] stepsequensers that sends CC# data?> > I'm no=
t sure how you can conclude that the Zeit=2C in any kind of objective sense=
=2C would "smoke" the Octopus feature wise.> > -------------- Original mess=
age ----------------------> From: Eduardo Saponara <>> =
> > > As far as new great sequencers the infection music ones seem to smoke=
 everything > > else I've seen feature wise and interface wise. Either the =
Zeit or Atem would > > be amazing. not sure how available they are though.>=
 >> > > > As for the original ques=
tion. The MPC seems to have the midi side of his/her > > rig handled=2C it =
was the step sequencing part that he was needing a solution to=2C > > as th=
e baby 10's were troublesome.> > > > My recommendation=2C if the MPC is han=
dling your midi side just fine (as it > > should=2C any MPC is such a great=
 midi sequencer) then you just need a step > > sequencer that spits midi an=
d a midi to cv converter. Even with a one channel > > midi step sequencer (=
like a mobius=2C say) you can run the midi through the MPC > > and then to =
your synths=2C so if you get something you like=2C you can record the > > m=
idi into the MPC=2C then free up the sequencer to sequence other parts whil=
e the > > MPC keeps the previous lines going. With a Midi step sequencer th=
at can save > > patterns (like the mobius) you can go back to a previous se=
quence and mute the > > recorded ones in the MPC and tweak it to something =
else=2C then record that into > > the MPC.> > > > If all your stuff has mid=
i then you're straight=2C if you need CV gate conversion > > then you will =
need enough channels to have all your stuff going at once. > > Frostwave Qu=
ad Midi to CV is a unit that has served me well for years=2C but there > > =
are others.> > > > So just add a mobius=2C fat controller=2C schrittmacher=
=2C P3=2C doepfer=2C x0xb0x=2C > > midibox=2C or whatever sequencer that ap=
peals to you=2C and let the MPC handle the > > multi track aspect. Until yo=
u start looking at much more expensive sequencers > > the multi track aspec=
t is hard to get.> > > > > > > > > > ______________________________________=
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