Re: [AH] Doepfer Opinions

From Florian Anwander
Sent Fri, Feb 8th 2008, 13:52

Hi Tomislav

> does Doepfer (and AS for that matter) use Linear or switching power supplies
> ?
the standard systems use linear

> or what about Doepfer newest more affordable rack kits (#1 and #2), they got
> a
> wallwart goin into a little PCB and distro, is this equvalent to switched
> PSU?
The diy kit#1 is identical to the internal PSU2 but with a linear 
wallwart transformer instead of the builtin transformer.

Kit#2 is are switched wallwart psus and are definitely recommended only 
for postprocessing modules, not for real synth use, like VCOs or that.

> my main concern with Doepfer is quality, are there any issues with crosstalk
> or quality of rails n PSU?
> i remember reading somehjting about it, but have none personal experience.,,
No. There is no "crosstalk", but to high power load (=too many modules) 
may be a problem. But this is with all systems. The only thing for 
doepfer was: there have quite narrow modules. So you can put many of 
them in one frame.  The people did not think about the overall current 
of their modules (though doepfer offers a dedicated planning sheet for 
this) and then they complained about "crosstalk".

> any third party options to build your own rack, any sources/info on racks,
> rails and PSUs ?
Those racks are an industry standard, you may get some cheap racks on 
evil bay, but you still will need the powersupply and the supply rails. 
Also those other may not be intended for the use with an unsealed 
powersupply as the ones from doepfer are.