Re: [AH] Cubase/tb-303 Timing Adjustments

From Marc Wilhite
Sent Thu, Oct 30th 2003, 17:42

Paul Hartfree wrote:

> Thx again but this does not solve my problems.  Indeed I do this when 
> I am able but as soon as I have Audio in my project this obviously 
> fails. I can already work around this as I just mute various tracks, 
> double or half the Cubase tempo and then record the 303 into Audio and 
> this works BUT it does not allow me to play/write in real-time and 
> there is always a bit of guess work going on.  Having a Cubase track 
> at say 130bpm and then sync'ing this so a 303 line which is 
> effectively playing at 65bpm will give L-O-N-G drawn-out 303 notes..

You could try picking up a Doepfer MSY2 MIDI-to-Sync interface. It has 
dip switch settings that let you divide the MIDI clock by a factor of 
any value between 1 and 16. They aren't very expensive and I've had good 
results with mine.